“When it comes to information on putters, there are few people who are able to offer the same expertise as Sean. His insight is refreshing and full of incredible knowledge and you will find yourself more educated reading his work.”

-Josh Babbitt, publisher of The Hacker’s Paradise

Sean Weir is the founder and editor of, the leading online destination dedicated exclusively to the world of putters.

“My goal with Putter Perfection is to help ignite a revolution in the common understanding of the putter,” he says. “Simply put, too many golfers play with ill-fitting putters. Golf is hard enough without that! A proper fit can improve performance, save strokes and make the game more enjoyable.”

Sean is not an elite golfer or a putting instructor. “I’m an average recreational golfer,” he says. “What’s different about me is that I’ve made it my vocation to learn as much as possible about putters, and to share my knowledge with others so that they, like me, might use it to improve their putting.”