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“Do you know how to make sure your putter is the right fit, and partner, for you? Weir goes through everything you need to know about types of putters: lie angles, lengths, loft and every other aspect you never thought of. But it is not a dry lecture. Chapters are quick, sometimes just five pages, and explain what you need to know and why.”

-New York Times

“There are any number of books on putting, but here’s one on putter fitting…Weir has devoted an entire book to setting golfers on the right path.”

Golf Digest

“So, which putter is hurting your game more, the one holding the stick or the flat stick itself? Weir…devotes just under 100 informative pages to what you need to know to assure that the putter and the putter holding it can coexist in peace and harmony.”

Golf Magazine

“A very thorough guide to putter fitting. Sean’s passion and altruism for all golfers is notable.”

-Pat O’Brien, putting instructor to major champions Zach Johnson and Stewart Cink and other PGA Tour professionals.

“Well written and easy to understand. A must read for all serious golfers. I will recommend this book to all of my friends and customers.”

-Dick DeLaCruz, legendary putter designer.

“Tons of useful information and it pointed me in the right direction for the putter I just bought.”

-Reader Reid P. via email

“Your new book, Putter Perfection, should be read by any golfer interested in learning about putters, understanding how to get properly fit to a putter, and making the putter the most important club in the bag.”

-Reader and PGA Teaching Professional Tom Conway, via Facebook

“Just wanted to send you some positive feedback on your book. It was full of simple explanations that every golfer could use to improve their putting skills.”

-Reader Aubrey H. via email

A fantastic book chock full of information from beginning to end…I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their putting.”

-Reader Duey L., via The Hacker’s Paradise forum

“A person can spend a lot of time on the internet surfing through page after page of information and gain only part of the knowledge that this book imparts while filling their mind with a lot of information that doesn’t matter. The book brings you the important information clearly written in a way that anyone can understand and in a way that makes it a joy to read. Spend the small amount of money and time and buy this book, it can save you hundreds by not buying putter after putter that just don’t fit you and save you years of frustration on the greens.”

-Reader C. Ault, via The Hacker’s Paradise forum

A must read for all golfers. I have to admit that I was a fool for the four years I have played golf. I got fit for my driver, my irons, even my wedges. Putter, haha, I laughed at the thought of it. To me I thought all I had to do is pick a nice looking one. I struggled at putting the whole time. I just kept replacing putter after putter. Don’t go through the craziness I went through. This book can and will help everyone.

-Reader William Cuebas, via

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