New York Times Spotlights Putter Perfection

Bill Pennington of the New York Times spotlights Putter Perfection in his latest On Par column. He writes, “Do you know how to make sure your putter is the right fit, and partner, for you? Weir goes through everything you need to know about types of putters: lie angles, lengths, loft and every other aspect you never thought of. But it is not a dry lecture. Chapters are quick…and explain what you need to know and why.” Features Putter Perfection, the online arm of Golf Magazine, features Putter Perfection in the latest edition of its New Golf Books Index.’s Jeff Silverman writes that the book “devotes just under 100 informative pages to what you need to know to assure that the putter and the putter holding it can coexist in peace and harmony.”

Putter Perfection on Radio Golf Club

Putter Perfection author Sean Weir was a featured guest on the Golf Club Radio Show hosted by Danielle Tucker. The show airs across the Hawaiian islands. Tucker and Weir discussed the benefits of putter fitting, and what golfers need to look for in seeking the right fit. Click here to listen to the show (Weir is the third guest).

Golf Digest Spotlights Putter Perfection

Putter Perfection is featured in the New Stuff section of In the piece, John Strege writes, “There are any number of books on putting, but here’s one on putter fitting…Weir has devoted an entire book to setting golfers on the right path.”

Putter Perfection on Golf AZ Radio

Thanks to Mike “Uncle Buck” Rafferty and the gang at Golf AZ Radio out of Scottsdale, Arizona for interviewing Putter Perfection author Sean Weir today.

Putter Perfection Interview Now Airing

Author Sean Weir’s recent interview with host Bill Hobson of Michigan Golf Live is now airing via podcast. Click the player below to tune in: Features Putter Perfection

An article by Putter Perfection author Sean Weir has been published by the Golf division of The article offers a summary introduction to the fundamentals and benefits of putter fitting, along with an action plan for seeking a better fit. Click here to check it out.

Michigan Golf Live Showcases Putter Perfection

An interview with Putter Perfection author Sean Weir aired on Michigan Golf Live today, reaching listeners on eight stations in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing and elsewhere. Host Bill Hobson graciously invited Weir to be on the show, and the two discussed the benefits of putter fitting for a full 10-minute segment. We will link to the archived podcast when it is available.

Five Questions Interview with Putter Perfection Author Sean Weir

Putter Perfection author Sean Weir is the latest interviewee in the “Five Questions” series on Click here to check it out.

World Golf, Bunker Shot Spotlight Putter Perfection

Two prominent media outlets, World Golf and the Bunker Shot, have published news about Putter Perfection. Click here for the World Golf story, and here for the Bunker Shot story.

Putter Perfection on The Greenside Radio Show

Putter Perfection author Sean Weir talks about the book and the benefits of putter fitting on the latest episode of The Greenside radio show. Click here to listen.

Putter Perfection Now Available

Announcing Putter Perfection—the first book to explain essential putter fitting fundamentals in a comprehensive yet easy-to-read format for the average golfer.

“My goal with Putter Perfection is to help ignite a revolution in the common understanding of the putter,” says author Sean Weir. “Simply put, too many golfers play with ill-fitting putters. A proper fit can improve performance, save strokes and make the game more enjoyable.”

Weir is the founder and editor of, the leading online destination dedicated exclusively to the world of putters. He wrote Putter Perfection with the input of two expert technical advisors—Adam Sheldon, putter designer for Never Compromise and Cleveland Golf; and Pat O’Brien, putting instructor to numerous PGA Tour professionals and global ambassador for the SeeMore Putter Company.

Putter Perfection can be purchased at or on for $12.99. It is also available for the Amazon Kindle e-reader and related Kindle smartphone applications for $9.99.